Autumn 2019

‘Easter Getaway’


It’s been far to long since I have been to this amazing place and I certainly hope to return more regularly.
Being one of the world’s top climbing destinations why go anywhere else!?
Especially since the recent access restrictions it’s even more so important to show face and bring awareness to its significance and the establishment of equal access rights for all. So stick to the rules, make a stand in the right way, check regularly to see how you can get involved, Simon Carter, Vertical Life & Save the Grampians have all the info of current and upcoming happenings.
I thoroughly enjoyed staying at the local Halls Gap YHA Eco Hostel for a daily 2hr work exchange for all the convenient home comforts. Highly recommended.
Not having explored this part of the National Park before I am eager to return to its many stunning world class boulders.
Here is a short video of the mega classic ‘The Departed’ V10 at the Valley of the Giants.

Stay Frosty ✌🏼

Good bye Cream Pie

Well, another season has passed..

And with this the efforts of short days & cold nights!

A busy season it has been, with many life’s projects being built, polished and refined.

Being able to get out and climb 2-3 days a week is most certainly a continued blessing.

Here the journey of trying challenging routes and boulders has continued as the overall progress in this unique discipline has been substantial without the measure of ticking or ongoing sending.

Coming to realise in recent years, the true gratitude of been able to continue to try and push my limits on a weekly basis, taking my time to enjoy every step and looking after the body and mind comes before all else in this practice.


Enjoying day’s out in the mountains with likeminded people, sharing wholesome banter and a belly full of laughs whilst being able to focus when it counts is where true satisfaction lies.

An early morning run on the cool sands of the beach, solitary time to reflect before a day in the hustle and bustle of the city, followed by an evenings boulder in one of the many suburbs of Sydney. Efforts made & time spent as the journey of growth continues..

As Spring has sprung into action, energies unfold and burst forth from within.
Seeking the light from the depths, rising tall once again.

May you too go forth with intention and momentum.
Let the tides of life be gentle upon your being.
Go forth and conquer all that is you!

🌟Thanks for reading🌟


Calisthenic/Cross Training

‘Seasons of Change’
Before moving into the backyard, I would venture to the local park to partake in weekly calisthenic/cross training, from mid summer to mid winter and around again.
Here is some of the progress over the years from learning new movements to refining what was previously learned. It really is a great feeling to see steady progress through regular practice. Whichever your dedication!
Like everything in life, if you put in the effort, be consistent, stay focused, and enjoy every step, for you may eventually realise that it is the journey that matters as perhaps there is no end..


Sharp Holds, Cheap Whine and Sunshine

“Maraleeeeeeef” Spain!


‘Perhaps one of the more pressing concerns when taking an overseas trip is how many pairs of underpants should one take..?
This only becomes clear when things go south and your first thought is.. “if only I had taken one more pair!”
This however is not one of those adventures, nor any other type but the exactly the type which you are reading.
‘Located in the heart of Catalunya, Spain.
Margalef, a place known for its most formidable and extravagant olive oil, almond harvest and of course world class climbing.
What some may not know is that 90% of the climbing is on pockets, pockets and you guessed it, more pockets!
Actually I was not aware of this but luckily I was prepared none then less..
Almost missing my flight was not something I was exactly prepared for either.
Making all my plans for the next day of departure it was only per-chance, or “meant to be” as some might say.
On the train eastward bound, a cold shudder ran over me as I realised this was the day!! With a most calculated and precise turn around and packing time, one hour later I was on my way to Sydney once again to catch my ride on the Etihad Airbus a380 over the horizon..
Back at Margalef the Wine was surely cheap. This however was not the time to meddle with such temptations, as to be clear and focused for the adventures and challenges ahead.
As Luke and I explored our way around the Limestone hillsides we where soon joined by Stu-Art, another fellow Australian Rock Frother. Armed with the most formidable healing powers of the Zinc cream, gallons of milk and other extravagant spiky contraptions, we joined forces and continued in our quest for glory.
For myself, I choose not the perfect project but rather sample as much and as many climbs as possible. On-sight climbing being the main name of the game, solving complex sequences on the fly without any rehearsal or prior knowledge.
Just sport-climbing at its purest!
Enjoying every day..
This was definitely not the easy option, as some attempts would be over at the first bolt. Most often either by slip, slop or slap..
Sometimes, a combination of all.
Many attempts would venture a bit further, some even just past the last bolt, whilst others where a bloody fight right till the very, where inevitable would happened and the anchors where where clipped 🙂
The most glory however, was had in the attempts that where a fierce battle regardless of the outcome. Where the reward was the effort itself, in that very moment of my existence.
Many grandest thank’s to Luke and Stu for the best time and company, whilst being away from home in the wild wild west.
A huge thank you to Spelean for the ultimate in rock climbing gear and helping make this trip possible!!!  Outdoor Agencies for the fantastic approach and climbing footwear. Tools of the Adventure for their sensational moving ‘Movement’ pants.
“It is not what we do, but with whom and how.
It’s the he little things, the small details that makes this world full of wonder.”

October-November Training

The past 10 weeks have been spent preparing for an upcoming trip to Espania.
This past year has primarily been boulder focused, so it has been good to change direction a little and incorporate some more power-endurance based training and of course plenty of Cross/Calisthenic Training.


I started with Cross/Calisthenic training about 5 years ago and have made consistent efforts and progress since. It is something which I really enjoy and have noticed great gains from. Perhaps not directly climbing related, however it sets an extremely strong base and helps to eliminate many muscle & body imbalances. Not only this, but is crosses over into other aspects of life with great overall benefits and well being.

Once again the most important ingredient is motivation.  Nothing is achieved without it, period!  The best ascpect about these types of training exercises is their great versatility in regards to personal growth, variety, time & space needed.
There are literally 1000’s of techniques and exercises that can be utilised by anyone of any age, fitness and skill level. From there on, its progression at your own pace.
Equipment is minimal and possibilities are endless. A little creativity will certainly go a long way. 1 hour is all you need to get a well rounded workout. Do this several times per week and you will be on the road to better health, strength and muscle balance.



Weighted Climbing:
“Oh dear” you say, “isn’t that dangerous for the body and joints”?
Well here is the thing, like everything else, time is the most important ingredient.
The three P’s should always be your guide. Practice, Patience and Perseverence!
Start slowly, go easy & make adjustments as needed.
Try to control your environment as much as possible by getting to know the movements of your chosen climbing and what is required of your body. Warm up, warm up warm up.  This type of training is certainly not for everyone and should be approached with caution. It can however reap great results for those that do their research and listen to their bodies..

Not dieting!
Eat well, sleep well and train well.
Something a lot of people only discover the importance of much later on.
I would love to be able to recommend what is best, however I’m not you and you are not me. This is possibly the trickiest of all things to work out and fine tune, but most certainly one of the most vital for best life and sports performance.


One of my favourite Spring/Summer breakfasts. Cooked red quinoa with sea salt, cinnamon & coconut cream. Ground hazel nuts and seasonal fruit!

Remember, the path and journey is yours to create and enjoy.

Have courage and reach for the stars.

Swiss Vibes 🇨🇭


There is always something special about walking along single lane roads which are hundreds of years old, made entirely of cobblestones. Surrounded by buildings that have endured the ages. With their stone plated roofs and aged wooden exteriors. Detailed to the very window fittings which are decorated by a colourful array of seasonal flowers.  Days where often filled wandering curiously through these Swiss Villages, with much appreciation for their sense of warmth and homeliness.

Blog 1.jpg

Climbing day’s on the other hand where spent in the Valley of Ferrera, a small but mighty place, with of some of the finest boulders Switzerland has to offer.  I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to return once more..


Having mixed feelings about the impact from people on this Magical Place, taking great care to minimise my very own footsteps, realising that I too am part of this wear and tear and its inevitable change.  Grateful still to Thomas and Nettida Saluz from Bodhi Climbing and Gasthaus Edelweiss for their ongoing hard work and endless efforts to maintain and keep Magic Wood open for all to enjoy..


This journey was more than just about grappling with rock, although there was plenty of that too.

Taking every day as it came, resting when I needed and trying hard when I wanted.

I embraced every moment and paid attention to every detail. Every subtle change around me, the land, the people. The seasons changing, one leaf at a time, a reflection of myself, my inner peace and transformation..

Here a short video of my journey to and in Switzerland with some experiences summed up in but a blink of an eye, including my final days attempt at one of the coolest boulders I have had the opportunity to climb on, Riverbed 8b/V13