Phase 2

Entering the Flow State

“For the journey that is undertaken, entering the ‘Flow State’ is perhaps one of the glimpses of enlightenment that may be sought out”

> Rhythm
> Zen
> Ohm
> Waterfall

Riding the waves of our bodies own electro conducting super-charged system.

Understanding and putting into practice the yin & yang of ultimate balance may indeed be the single most valuable lesson learned.

Be that as it may 🙏🏻

Phase 1

The Rig

Without much ado I got to work on what is one of “the” coolest lines I have ever tried.
With the previous season running out followed by a number of wild worldly events I was finally able to put some serious attempts into this radical rig!

Physically this is one of the hardest and most demanding lines I have ever tried!
Hands down, full body pump including areas that I’d not thought previously possible.

Mentally this line taught me sooo much and allowed me to achieve a whole new level of focus.

Being able to do the final V11 boulder after 32 moves of V13 was certainly something else entirely. I knew however that if applied all the skills that I had learned from climbing at the cave & in general experience that if would be only a matter of ‘when’.

Practice, Patience & Perseverance where they key aspects along this journey (& indeed many others)

Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

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