Activate the Hyperdrive ‘9a

> ‘The Send

A delicate balancing between – giving 100% effort & Pin Point precision

This line tested all of my combined climbing experience & skills!

Having such an opportunity of personal, seasonal & planetary experience

Maintaining & developing progress, as well as appreciating ‘the divine

And indeed refining some very worthwhile practices

Go you good thing!

With my accumulated experience and previous hard power endurance boulders at this majestic cave this is a big step above anything else established here at the time.

At 44+ moves this is indeed route climbing territory..

9a Route
V14/15 Boulder


Phase 3

> ‘The Final Countdown . .

“Tucked away, somewhere down-under you’ll find some of the best roof climbing in the Country… period!”

– That of which we alone have the privilege & responsibility to look after & care for –

The Hyperdrive ‘project

At 44+ Moves,
Moderate power-endurance climbing,
This ‘Epic-ly Good lines accumulates with a -V11- Power Boulder Finish!

How close is “ohhh” So Close?




Phase 2


> Entering the Flow State

“For the journey that is undertaken, entering the ‘Flow State’ is perhaps one of the glimpses of enlightenment that may be sought out”

> Rhythm
> Zen
> Ohm
> Waterfalls

Riding the waves of our bodies own electro conducting super-charged system.

Understanding and putting into practice the yin & yang of ultimate balance may indeed be the single most valuable lesson learned.

Be that as it may 🙏🏻

Phase 1

> The Rig

Without much ado I got to work on what is one of “THE” coolest lines I have ever tried.

With the previous season running out fast, followed by a number of wild worldly WW? events, I was finally able to put some serious attempts into this Radical Rig!

Physically, this is one of the hardest and most demanding lines I have ever tried!
Hands down, full body pump including areas that I’d not previously thought could be.

Mentally, this line taught me sooo oh so much & allowed me to achieve a whole new level of Focus.

Being able to Send the final V11 boulder after 32 moves of V13 was certainly something else entirely.

I knew however that if applied all the skills which I had learned from my time spent climbing at this majestical cave, it may perhaps be only a question of ‘when’.

Practice, Patience & Perseverance.
These where they key aspects for this journey & perhaps some others..

Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

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