Shaka Laka Boom

V13 fa

Progress at the Cave:

After climbing Vertical Outburst (V11) & whist having attempts on Turbo Deluxe (V14),
I came to realise ‘the’ ultimate line at the cave…. stay tuned.
This however being one of the key factors for future contenders

Starting as per Vertical Outburst/Short Fuse + reversing Anger Management (V11) >> finish as per Rodeo Clown (V11) = Shaka Laka Boom V13

This cave is pretty unique as it gently undulates a horizontal wave allowing most lines to be climbed in both directions and therefore offering very unique challenges depending on which way you choose, one way often being harder than the other.

Reversing Anger Management for me felt a little harder than the original direction and definitely required consistent efforts in order to be able to climb it smoothly and without getting too flamed-cooked-fatigued before the knee-bar rest. Any more than 50% accumulated pump would result in overall minimised recovery and all the following moves would therefore stack up ‘very’ quickly, ultimately accelerating fatigue, as can be seen in the sending Vid đŸ˜‰

This line is around a total of 32 (radical) moves which puts it into route climbing territory, somewhere around 8c/33. A superb challenge of power endurance.

Slam Dunk!

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