Vertical Outburst V11 fa

↓↓ Video Below ↓↓

Wedderburn Cave, Sydney
NSW, DownUnder

One of the shortest and hardest vertical roof challenges at ‘the burn’
After a visit from crusher @mattiasbmclimbs who promptly added the alternate and much more powerful start to the mega classic “Anger Management” V11 to create..

“Short Fuse” V10

I’d previously been made aware of this potential new sit start (by one of the OG’s) however was rather busy trying other outrageous epic challenges.

Without much ado & at the end of a substantial cave session I was stoked work out the start sequence with alternate beta used for the fa of ‘Short Fuse’ with a much less but still considerably substantial span move & heading directly into the finishing crux of “Persistence V12

this was the creation of the rather delightful & now seemingly popular addition of:

Vertical Outburst” V11

Notably, having the end crux dialled from previous projects such as “Perseverance” V14 definitely lent itself to the speedy ‘single session addition’.!! Ohh and..
The Psyche!! can’t forget that little majority.

Little did I know at the time this would be the beginning of some serious future projects..

Watch this space


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