Climbing Achievements

Routes Red Point:
-Spartacus (FA New Zealand)
-Moonshadow (Australia)
-BeefMeister (Australia)
-Blood Meridian (New Zealand)
-The 50 Year Storm (FA Australia)
-Alpha Leather (Australia)
-Search & Destroy (Australia)
-Truck Stop31 (Australia)
-Mr.Tickle (Australia)
-Mr. Line (Australia)
-Collection Automne Hiver (France)
-United Nations (Australia)
-The Giving Tree Extension (New Zealand)
-Aloha Hooters (Australia)
-Who’s a Naughty Boy (Australia)
-Pooferator (Australia)
-Staring at the Sea (Australia)
-Don’t Believe the Hype (Australia)
-Point Break (Australia)
-Double Adaptor (Australia)
-Prowess (New Zealand)
-The Giving Tree (New Zealand)
-Big Wednesday (Australia)
-Dungeon Master (Australia)
-Some Kind Of Bliss (Australia)
-Aloha Paradise (Australia)
-Coming at ya Pundhai (Australia)
-Cyrus the Great (New Zealand)
-Space Between Atoms (Australia)
-Tripe (Australia)
-Cagney and Lacey (Australia)
-Inertia (Australia)
-Middle Earth (Australia)
-Temptation (Australia)
-No Country for Old Tantalus (FA New Zealand)
-Xerxes (New Zealand)
-Hyper (Australia)
-Microwave (Australia)
Routes On-sight & Flash*:
-Angry Birds (RRG USA)
-Pushin’ Up Daisies (RRG USA)
-Kaleidoscope (RRG USA)
-Bohica (RRG USA)
-Cut Throat* (RRG USA)
-Table of Colours Direct* (RRG USA)
-Appalachian Spring (RRG USA)
-Paradise Lost (RRG USA)
-Snooker (RRG USA)
-40 Ounces of Justice (RRG USA)
-Spank (RRG USA)
-Easy Rider (RRG USA)
-Cheese Gobbler (Australia)
-Evil E (Australia)
-Auto Bling Century (Australia)
-La Realite N’Existe Pas (Australia)
-Boss Combo (New Zealand)
-Let there be Bolts (New Zealand)
-Sim Diddy (Australia)
-Deflatable Daisy (Australia)
-Sword of Damocles (Australia)
-Big Hit with the Kids (Australia)
-Gushing Gargoyles (Australia)
-Bumbalong Road (Australia)
-Touch and Go (Australia)
-White Trash (Australia)
-Full Dole Check (Australia)
-Funky Grispter (Australia)
-Ghetto Superstar (Australia)
-Beef Cake (Australia)
-Caught in the Act (Australia)
-Top One Thommo (Australia)
-The Dark Hour of Reason (Australia)
-Continues Play (New Zealand)
-Mac Daddy (Australia)
-Searching for the Light extension (Australia)
-Autophagocytosis (Australia)
-Event Horizon (Australia)
-Liebe ohne Chance (Germany)
-Meme Pas Mal (France)
-Ca Ira Mieux Demain (France)
-The Pusher (Australia)
-Myology (Australia)
-Left Hand Of Darkness (Switzerland)
-The Never Ending Story Part I (Switzerland)
-All the Tables are Rehearsed (Australia)
-Combat Wombat (Australia)
-Yo Mama FA (Australia)
-Groove Terminator
-Anger Management (Australia)
-Mushi Brain (Australia)
-When We Were Kings (Australia)
-L’Homme Obu (Australia)
-Garth’s Arete Right Hand (Australia)
-Right Hand of Darkness (Switzerland)
-Hydromancer (Switzerland)
-Octopussy (Switzerland)
-The Never Ending Story Part II (Switzerland)
-Willenberg Dach (Switzerland)
-All the Tables… (Australia)
-Lazy Mooneli (Australia)
-Love Gun (Australia)
-Garth’s Arete Left (Australia)
-Rythmo (Switzerland)
-From The Jug To The Sunshine (Switzerland)
-Fight Club (Switzerland)
-Du Cote De Seshuan (Switzerland)
-Sideways (Switzerland)
-Fat Boy (Switzerland)
-Perko On The Rocks (Germany)
-Snow Mike (Australia)
-Butchers Choice (Australia)

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