Autumn 2019

‘Easter Getaway’


It’s been far to long since I have been to this amazing place and I certainly hope to return more regularly.
Being one of the world’s top climbing destinations why go anywhere else!?
Especially since the recent access restrictions it’s even more so important to show face and bring awareness to its significance and the establishment of equal access rights for all. So stick to the rules, make a stand in the right way, check regularly to see how you can get involved, Simon Carter, Vertical Life & Save the Grampians have all the info of current and upcoming happenings.
I thoroughly enjoyed staying at the local Halls Gap YHA Eco Hostel for a daily 2hr work exchange for all the convenient home comforts. Highly recommended.
Not having explored this part of the National Park before I am eager to return to its many stunning world class boulders.
Here is a short video of the mega classic ‘The Departed’ V10 at the Valley of the Giants.

Stay Frosty ✌🏼

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