Good bye Cream Pie

Well, another season has passed..

And with this the efforts of short days & cold nights!

A busy season it has been, with many life’s projects being built, polished and refined.

Being able to get out and climb 2-3 days a week is most certainly a continued blessing.

Here the journey of trying challenging routes and boulders has continued as the overall progress in this unique discipline has been substantial without the measure of ticking or ongoing sending.

Coming to realise in recent years, the true gratitude of been able to continue to try and push my limits on a weekly basis, taking my time to enjoy every step and looking after the body and mind comes before all else in this practice.


Enjoying day’s out in the mountains with likeminded people, sharing wholesome banter and a belly full of laughs whilst being able to focus when it counts is where true satisfaction lies.

An early morning run on the cool sands of the beach, solitary time to reflect before a day in the hustle and bustle of the city, followed by an evenings boulder in one of the many suburbs of Sydney. Efforts made & time spent as the journey of growth continues..

As Spring has sprung into action, energies unfold and burst forth from within.
Seeking the light from the depths, rising tall once again.

May you too go forth with intention and momentum.
Let the tides of life be gentle upon your being.
Go forth and conquer all that is you!

🌟Thanks for reading🌟


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