October-November Training

The past 10 weeks have been spent preparing for an upcoming trip to Espania.
This past year has primarily been boulder focused, so it has been good to change direction a little and incorporate some more power-endurance based training and of course plenty of Cross/Calisthenic Training.


I started with Cross/Calisthenic training about 5 years ago and have made consistent efforts and progress since. It is something which I really enjoy and have noticed great gains from. Perhaps not directly climbing related, however it sets an extremely strong base and helps to eliminate many muscle & body imbalances. Not only this, but is crosses over into other aspects of life with great overall benefits and well being.

Once again the most important ingredient is motivation.  Nothing is achieved without it, period!  The best ascpect about these types of training exercises is their great versatility in regards to personal growth, variety, time & space needed.
There are literally 1000’s of techniques and exercises that can be utilised by anyone of any age, fitness and skill level. From there on, its progression at your own pace.
Equipment is minimal and possibilities are endless. A little creativity will certainly go a long way. 1 hour is all you need to get a well rounded workout. Do this several times per week and you will be on the road to better health, strength and muscle balance.



Weighted Climbing:
“Oh dear” you say, “isn’t that dangerous for the body and joints”?
Well here is the thing, like everything else, time is the most important ingredient.
The three P’s should always be your guide. Practice, Patience and Perseverence!
Start slowly, go easy & make adjustments as needed.
Try to control your environment as much as possible by getting to know the movements of your chosen climbing and what is required of your body. Warm up, warm up warm up.  This type of training is certainly not for everyone and should be approached with caution. It can however reap great results for those that do their research and listen to their bodies..

Not dieting!
Eat well, sleep well and train well.
Something a lot of people only discover the importance of much later on.
I would love to be able to recommend what is best, however I’m not you and you are not me. This is possibly the trickiest of all things to work out and fine tune, but most certainly one of the most vital for best life and sports performance.


One of my favourite Spring/Summer breakfasts. Cooked red quinoa with sea salt, cinnamon & coconut cream. Ground hazel nuts and seasonal fruit!

Remember, the path and journey is yours to create and enjoy.

Have courage and reach for the stars.

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