Swiss Vibes 🇨🇭


There is always something special about walking along single lane roads which are hundreds of years old, made entirely of cobblestones. Surrounded by buildings that have endured the ages. With their stone plated roofs and aged wooden exteriors. Detailed to the very window fittings which are decorated by a colourful array of seasonal flowers.  Days where often filled wandering curiously through these Swiss Villages, with much appreciation for their sense of warmth and homeliness.

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Climbing day’s on the other hand where spent in the Valley of Ferrera, a small but mighty place, with of some of the finest boulders Switzerland has to offer.  I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to return once more..


Having mixed feelings about the impact from people on this Magical Place, taking great care to minimise my very own footsteps, realising that I too am part of this wear and tear and its inevitable change.  Grateful still to Thomas and Nettida Saluz from Bodhi Climbing and Gasthaus Edelweiss for their ongoing hard work and endless efforts to maintain and keep Magic Wood open for all to enjoy..


This journey was more than just about grappling with rock, although there was plenty of that too.

Taking every day as it came, resting when I needed and trying hard when I wanted.

I embraced every moment and paid attention to every detail. Every subtle change around me, the land, the people. The seasons changing, one leaf at a time, a reflection of myself, my inner peace and transformation..

Here a short video of my journey to and in Switzerland with some experiences summed up in but a blink of an eye, including my final days attempt at one of the coolest boulders I have had the opportunity to climb on, Riverbed 8b/V13


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