Winter is Coming

Winter has come around once more, as too have the words on this page..
Life’s moments become but a distant memory as the details wash over each other.
Yet we continue to push forwards, for a better world, inside and out, here and now!


Towards the end of last year Luke, Cairo and I ventured to the Grampians National Park, to make the most of what was meant to be a stellar time of year.  In search of adventure into the partially unknown, searching for climbing that one dreams about through the darkness night.  Without doubt this is what we found. The horizon was filled with some of the best sandstone on this earth, heaven to say at the least.  We quickly found a very suitable and convenient camp, not far from where we would explore the hollows and valleys beyond.  The first week started with high motivation as we set our sights and scaled numerous walls and boulders alike.  The weather was impeccable and the gods smiled upon us..
A short lived experience, as we then spent the majority of our time with what was a very unusual and most hindering heat-wave.  The days where no longer crisp, as we now struggled to keep our cool, with our energy reserves where being cooked alive.
The unpredictability of the weather is what often gives this unique outdoor sport an edge that one can only gracefully embrace.  This did not stop us from doing some most amazing climbing and being a part of what is timelessness itself.  Taking some great footage we made a short film to replenish our minds when the memories begin to fade into the distance. Check it our here:


2016 came around the corner and was soon in the rear view mirror as the cycle of time continues.
I had one goal in mind for this year to come. To be the best version of myself!
What that exactly is, I am still working on, but on the short hand it includes, eating healthy, staying positive, sleeping early and rising early.

Persiatnce Blog

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When I try, I try hard. When I rest, I rest well. Letting motivation take me to the place it desires the most.
This might all seem well and easy, but I can assure you that life itself proves its own challenge day after day. Patience, Practice and Persistence, as always are my closest ally on the path that I have chosen.


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With no immediate travel in sight, the year so far has proved positively challenging in many ways.
Allas my inner traveller is getting restless and eager to head out into the vast world and explore the unknown. For now weekly trips to Sydney will have to be satisfactory enough until the time comes once more…


I am grateful for everyone that has shared some steps with me along the way, for your support, encouragement and enlightenment.

May our paths meet again so we can once more share in wisdom, humour and motivation.

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