Somewhere Yonder

At some distance in the direction ahead” BlogOpen.

As South we travelled in search of blue skies, a cool breeze & world class rock climbing..

12 hours later we arrived in the Grampians National Park, to find exactly that!!.

As the days ensued we lugged, thrashed & carried ourselves, each other & countless kilos of crash-pads, climbing gear & filming equipment across the never ending sea of rocky slabs stretching far into the distance.



Cairo Hazel on the FA of “Pingu’s Last Stand” V9


We sweated, screamed & bleed as much as possible in order to get in touch with our primitive & feel every molecule of our existence.

Only to return back to camp with our last ounces of remaining energy and the final rays fleeting on the far horizon.

Taking rest days only to lick our wounds & grow fresh skin to be ready for the next sacrifice..



“Who’s a Naughty Boy” 8b


The days grew dark..

As the mist rolled over the mountain, we huddled closer to the fire licking at our souls.

Loosing not even our motivation, we endured with strength found from the very depth of our existence.



Matt Burnett on “Lazy Mooneli” V10


The rock gave friction as the air have us wind..

Our fingertips tingling we climbed until the rock was stained with the very dark red essence from which we are made.

As the sky cleared our days where numbered with the inevitable end to this incredible journey in our lives..

So we laughed into the night’s darkest hour, rising for our final days with a blanket of white frost covering the earth beneath us. 

. CampBlog .

With much excitement on our efforts made, we returned to the place from whence we came.

Thankful for all that we shared & experienced in a place so vast & full of beauty…  


Check out our Video:


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