Middle Earth, Final Days



The beginning of the final week saw our energy and motivation reach their high.
It was a great feeling being on top of it and able to give it our all!
Focus, power & determination, all was now working in harmony.
Colossus 8c, one of NZ’s finest & hardest routes, thanks to the dedication of Derek Thatcher.
For me by far, a most sustained & challenging climb I have yet attempted.
A very particular style I was not used to, being grabbed from the very first moves, as one of the best climbs I have so far tried.
I was intrigued by every attempt to learn more and evolve as a climber. Making constant progress & improvements on the very minutest of details.
On my final attempts as my energy returned I was able to make constant progress getting closer than I could ever fathomed during the previous weeks.
Despite not sending, I have come away with having learned immensely and feeling left humbled and full of motivation.
Again I am thankful to these majestic mountains which despite their fierce and jagged edges have allowed us sanctuary once more.

Without too much hassle and with the holler of a loud “Woop”, Matt clipped the chains of his second and perhaps hardest 8b!
With his send in pocket, the pancakes flowed freely as the overcooked bacon clouded his now “at ease” mind.
Perhaps this cost him what would have seemed like a quick ascent of yet another crag classic “Hercules” 8a/+. Instead the added pounds and the lingering taste of maple syrup caused a series of unfortunate last day mishaps.

TGT-LR1_FotorMatt on the final crux of “The Giving Tree” 8b

Some would indeed call this a holiday..
I call it anything but, with its constant physical and mental challenges, being pushing to ones absolute limit.
Luckily this time to follow was a week exploring NZ’s far northern beaches.
With Josie and a little Camper-van in hand, we ventured into the sunsets afar.
Rejuvenating with fine company as we visited a long not seen Lady of the North.
Among the kittens & Possum tails, my mother served up the finest of wines & the best of homegrown meals.
Ones reserves where sure to be recharged for the next adventure just around the corner!!



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