Middle Earth, Week 2

After several rest days & with no immediate improvements to his shoulder Luke made the call &
booked his return ticket for departure several days later…
This for sure was one of the most unfortunate events I have experienced on any trip so far!
Counting our lucky stars things where not worse or farther away from home, we farewelled Luke on his return journey.
Being left with an empty space that was once filled with pure motivation we now huddled closer together to gather our strength for the time ahead.
It took us several days to recover from the path of destruction left behind by the Kea’s,
alas the tent was temporarily fixed thanks to the team at the Lodge.
Sleeping Bags where no longer in short supply & my cold now seemed like on its way out.
Yet my energy had not returned and I struggled even with the walk to the crag.
Pain was followed by any pressure, as a cut in my ring finger got infected due to my low immunity.
Like a puffed pastry, but without the enjoyment, movement in my finger was drastically reduced.
Making minimal progress on my project I gave all I had, refining the parts I could manage.
Matt on the shoulder busting “Hey Zeus” 8a
Matt made great progress on his previous project “The Giving Tree” 8b.
Now climbed as one single line he had several high points beyond the last draw.
Content with his efforts so far, reflected only by the calmness in his presence, or so I thought.
A little slip in an unexpected place, and the air was suddenly filled with a blood curdling roar,
“Blaaaaargh, Faaaaaaark, Motherf#@&%$, Sonofa&!%$#” was echoed through the valley below..
Still the week progressed without our Handsome^ number three.
As the weather became more stable so did my energy within.
Infection almost vacated, on now our last day of the week.
Letting go of all expectation & outcome, focusing on the single most effort at hand.
I was now once more able to fully appreciate the serenity of this Colossal place with all its might.
Being ever thankful for having such amazing opportunities with great folk at hand, I was able to fully direct all my focus.
Matty Mac Fat decided he loved climbing The Giving Tree so much he let go three moves before the anchors…
Taking a Cool-Whip he did indeed almost received a free gift from the tree below.
Another few attempts for ole times sake later, we called it “a day”.
End of Week 2

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