Maximum Effort ‘Summer’014-15

Training Blog..! IMG_7523_Fotor_Fotor

Say What?!
And yes indeed it would be a pleasure to travel the world chasing Autumn.
No matter I am super lucky to have and have had so many amazing worldly trips.
Having a home base is still one of the best things to return to,
even having a pretty darn good Job with great folks is hard to come by these days.
The Season is hot, the weather unpredictable, random storms leave trails of debris swirled at the roadside..
FullSizeRender_Fotor“Another Storm Cell Approaches”
Lets go climbing!?
This a term I will save for the months to come.
Apart from the one day a week to remember how to move on rock.
I do live in the Blue Mountains after all, one of the climbing meccas of Australia, be rude not to.
Training? YES!
A discipline I have become more familiar and experienced with in recent years.
I have continued this practice in the past two months,
pushing body & mind well beyond my previously known limits.
Starting with writing up a program to help guide me along this path was crucial for both focus & consistency.  Making adjustments along the way was key to further this development.
IMG_4259_FotorBLOG“Luke Campus”
4-5 days a week climbing specific & cross training, clean & green diet & plenty of rest!
This was to be my routine for the next 7 weeks.
“Superfood Power Smoothy”
My body ached almost every day, my mind was fighting hard to stay sharp.
Week 6 was by far my hardest, having an injured Rib and Gastro did not add to the joy &
the end was not yet near.  This week was by far mentally & physically the hardest,
as training was at an all-time high, energy & mental focus was stretching thin..
How much is too much?
A mobility scooter to get around would have been great at this time…
Shuffling around and struggling with the basics was not something I was used to,
allas the week was complete & rest days upon before the final week.
“HIT that Thang”
Recovered and psyched for the last & final week I soldiered on feeling good.
Every day went well and progress was made.
The final day was here & the hardest of them all, with the last round of HIT.
Right from the word go I was at my wits end, yet progression was made through the blood, sweat & almost tears…
I was recently asked what motivates me to get out of bed at 5am and start training?
My first thought and answer was, “Because I can”.
Realising that having the means and the life to be able to do these things is a pure blessing!
My training these past months is not only for my climbing, but for my life.
So that I may tackle the challenges ahead and lend a helping hand along the way.
. . .

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