The Red River George in Kentucky, oh yeah!


“Did you hear that”?!!
“Sounds like trees falling”…
We soon where surrounded by fridge size Icicles crashing only metres from where we where climbing!
The middle of our trip saw temperatures plummeting well below -15 degrees Celcius.
“Yet we endured, so the sun could once again thaw our icy limbs”.
How could this not be a good time?
Coffee $1, Camping $2, Pizza $4..!!
Thanks to everyone at Miguel’s for the warmth, the wifi & the timeless originality of this historic and timeless campground.
“Every day I valued this new & exhilarating place, cherishing each and every experience in its own”.
“Rain, Sun, Wind & Snow.
We saw it through & had it all”
“Praise those for the journey shared,
those who laughed & those who cared”
“Moments in time which we all had,
trying our hardest for that I am glad”
Solar Collector_Fotor
“Disregard none, worthy as the next one”
“Still the single effort remains.
The one that truly matters & cannot be explained”
Golden Touch_Fotor
Many Big Thanks to ALL the Amigos, especially Willis, Masel, Barber, Nat & Amanda.
To those & more that made this experience truly unique & lent a helping hand along the way.
To all the amazing places & friendly faces, that blessed us with their graces.

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