Autumn/Winter ‘014

{dedicated to Aunty Angelica 1953-2014}

Let me start off this post by giving “thanks” to being healthy, fit and blessed with the opportunities at hand.  Having support all the way, from friends to family & some of the best brands that drive this outrageous and so very happening sport!

Much more than a sport it is indeed as the term “discipline” would be more correct.
An ongoing dedication to learning and evolving, patience & practice over its many years.
“The Master must forever remain the Student”
The Past
Having returned from NZ at the beginning of Autumn, I took a week’s rest and settled back into the life in the Blue Mountains.
Full of motivation and psyche I hit the crags of the surrounding Valleys.
One crag in particular which is fresh out of the oven (well, maybe a few million years out of the oven), but only bolted in recent year’s is the Mega-Cliff of “Elphinstone“.
As this is only a personal encounter so far I asked for ease of judgement for those who have their own experiences in such a spectacular & stunning place.
First off, “top job” to all those who have given their time and effort into putting up many of these incredible lines on offer!
Second, leave the kids at home, this place is an epic all round.
A 20 metre via ferrata marks the end of each day and the total annihilation of energy reserves.
I don’t think I ever left this cliff feeling any other way.
Indeed Monique & I had plenty of fun out there over several months of this years Autumn.
I say this only once, compared to last years Autumn, “this year’s conditions sucked!!”
Making climbing a lot harder with very consistent humid days.
Dedicated to the cause we both Soldiered on, getting ridiculously close to our projects on a very few rare days, when a cool & dry breeze did enlighten our efforts.
As winter sneaked in only to numb our extremities,
We called it a Season!
Good times had and to be had once more, when we re-convien as the cold of winter fades into the horizon far.
Blog1Logan Barber enjoying the winter Sun
The Now’ra
Yes thats right, for those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing this solid & compact sandstone near the southern coast of Sydney, hosting some of the countries hardest, steepest & oh so many routes in between.
Perhaps the word for this place to be used is “Nowra Strong”.
Generally short, steep & bouldery on a unique array of holds, slopers, pockets & crimps, one is sure to find a climb to suit.
A fine destination to escape the wintery chill from the Mountains, you can find this unique area just three hours drive away.
A contrast in more ways than one, Nowra has plenty of new experiences to offer.
Ignore the town & make for the suburban cliffs, coke bottles and chocolate wrappers make up a part of the scenery as you hear the kookaburra’s call at the crags overlooking bush reserves, just a stones throw away from the nearby houses.
Not to worry, most of the cliffs are overhanging so the TV’s & Fridges won’t fall directly on your head.
Plenty of free and paid Camping will suit all pockets.
Give it a go sometime, and if you get a chance check out the Berry Sourdough-Bakery for a darn tasty treat to reward or charge up for your efforts.
Really happy to be spending some time down here during the winter months, climbing lots of new routes with friends who are equally psyched.
Trying hard at Nowra
Future Hits
As Winter winds down Spring is just around the corner.
What will be will be & we will all have to wait and see.
Very excited indeed of the opportunities on the horizon.
One of which will be the Red River George in the US at the end of the year.
I have dreamt about this place for many a year & and super happy to be finally going there.
Many thanks to Ablaze Printing for helping to get me there and back.
Cairo Hazell having fun in the sun @ Nowra
Due to most people not having ample time in their lives to climb outdoors five days per week, training is a good solution for those wanting to subsidise their climbing.
“Training is good and will make those who are dedicated stronger.
As long as those who train find a good balance of rest to remain injury free.”
This recent round of training I just completed is called HIT and was developed by the famous climbing training author Eric Hörst.  For this training and much more you can find on his website Nicros.
Thanks to Monique and Simon who have the setup for this, I was able to try this unique principle.
I recommend extreme caution and an easing into it.
This training is very intense on the whole body & requires instructions to be followed precisely.
In my final week feeling close to breaking point, I was very happy and glad to have completed it, followed by a minimum of one weeks rest.
“Constant revision and adjustment was a necessary and vital part of this undertaking”
Rest & Recovery
One of the most important aspects in life and climbing is rest & downtime.
It is also the number one most important aspect of getting stronger.
If not undertaken regularly injury may be a realistic end result.
Loosing psyche and motivation are also a real danger.
After my A2 pulley injury this time last year my main goal for this winter was to remain injury free, while gaining strength’s in other areas.
This I am doing through pushing my onsight climbing, here many challenges can be found & overcome through digging deep and finding out what you are truly capable of.
Training ones biggest muscle, the Brain is always a worth while undertaking.
I also subsidised my climbing though specific training such as HIT, followed by targeted recovery.
To stay on top of all this, undertaking daily stretching and active recovery i.e. cross training is essential.
Thanks to Alex Pigott-Acupunture, any arising sprains & strains where quickly taken care of.
Practice, Patience & Persistence.
Thanks for reading.

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