Spring ‘013

The season of fire, and yet we remain in this vast wilderness to endure what is to come!
An intense time for many who have fought, survived and lost almost all they had.
Many thanks to those who braved the flames so we could sleep at night.
For my previous A2 pulley injury which is healing exceptionally well, I give a big thanks to Alex Piggot for providing excellent Acupuncture Therapy and expert advice.
 Pinky Training
I continue to marvel at the sheer beauty and wonder of this majestic place.
Spending time over the last months sharing many great days out on the crags with great company both local and international.
Luke Hansen rocking his way up “Don’t Believe the Tripe” 8a
Visiting Climber Alex Megos snatches the first ascent of Australia’s hardest sport route,
“Retired Extremely Dangerous” 9a
I managed to do some great recovery climbing during spring which also include several repeats of some of my hardest routes.
A new Link at Wave Wall which I envisioned came true following a super stellar line, “The 50 Year Storm”, video coming soon…
“The 50 Year Storm”
Also heading out to crags I have not been to before & enjoying some great onsight’s.
Spring Tick List
8b+ Search & Destroy, repeat x 2
8a+  Microwave, repeat x 4
8a     Don’t Believe the Tripe
New Routes:
8b+ The 50 Year Storm
8a+ Tripe
7c+ Touch and Go, onsight
7c+ Gushing Gargoyles, onsight
7c+ Bumbalong Road, onsight
7c    Autophagocytosis, onsight
7c    Event Horizon, onsight
Matt Burnett warming up on the “5 minute Vunder-board” at Elfinstein
Summer is here…


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