Winter ‘013

Blue Mountains.


And what a season it has been.
Autumn was pretty surreal with days on end of great conditions!
The start of winter not quite the same, but no complaints either way.
As the temps kept dropping the conditions only got better….
To the point where one had to dedicate extra efforts at maintaining warmth.
Puffer Jackets, snowgloves, thermals, hot cups of tea and more.
Only the dedicated would venture out into the winter freeze of the mountains.
Taking also several trips to the much warmer lowlands of the city,
we would frequently venture out into the suburbs to sample some fine sandstone boulders.
It just so happened to be rather warm and often humid, which made it far from ideal.
None the less it gave a great perspective on the many possibilities & more ventures will be undertaken!
As winter cracked on in the mountains, climbing in the sun (usually an unspeakable act) was not only absolutely pleasant,
but also totally the best thing ever!!
Like a kid discovering ice cream we lapped it up!
One of the highlights was to send the uber awesome classic, short & bouldery  “Alpha Leather” 32/8b+.
Alpha Blog
“Alpha Leather”
After Wiz’es rained out return from the grampians he also made short work of another super classic “Better Than Life” 32/8b+.
In anything but ideal conditions he clawed his way up this little 10 metre pocketed beast. Top effort!!
“Better Than Life”
Now spending more time at Shipley soaking up the rays in brutally good conditions, in one day I finally managed to send as a warm up  “Equaliser” 29/8a, “Fabricator” 29/8a 2nd go & topping the day of with another fine line “Cagney & Lacey” 30/8a+ second go. Super day out!
The very next day I awoke with a slightly sore middle finger.
Never mind as this was not the first time, upwards and onwards…..
Another week past and end of the day lap in the sun once more, now tired and sore.
When suddenly out of nowhere “POP” loud and clear as Wiz asked “What de hell was dat”….
The famous “A2”
After 6 weeks of slab climbing, alternate home training, acupuncture & much more, the partial tear in my A2 pulley is well on the road to recovery & feeling better once more!
 .Pinky Lever!
Spring is here…

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