Blue Autumn


“Clear skies, cool breezes, red, yellow and brown leaves falling. Autumn is here, and with it departs the heat & humidity. This is the time we as climbers have been waiting for, training for, yearning for. The orange and grey rock does not shred skin as it once did whence hot temperatures endured. It now sticks, almost entirely without chalk, as the cool breeze whisks away the last remains of moisture from the palms. Begining to climb free, unleashing body, mind and soul into the vast sea of rock above.”


DiamondFalls1st shared crux on Mr. Line & Mr. Tickle

Having the option to climb outdoors numerous times a week.
Embracing all that comes with.  Nature & it’s relentless elements.
Friends from far and near and most important the journey of inner self.
Starting the season with a middle finger injury I was hesitant to give a 100%.
Yet as the weeks progressed, my finger gradually improved.
My mental headspace leaped forward only to be matched by my physical resilience.
Truck Stop31
Practice, patience & persistence have allowed me to succeed in many ways during the past couple of months.
I have also done some amazing climbs during this time, some of which include:
Pooferator 8b/31
Mr Line 8b+/32
Mr Tickle 8b+/32
Truck stop 8b+/32
Search & Destroy 8b+/32
Moonshadow 8c/33
Myology 8a+/V12
During this time and before I have been frequent in filming for an upcoming Blue Mountains climbing Film which has been much hard work and many hours of dedication with many more to go, some indeed times of frustration as the learning curve is steady in its incline. Allas passion and enjoyment largely outway. Stay tuned…..and thanks for reading.

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