Blue Summer…


One might indeed feel rather overwhelmed at times with the fortune to live in such a stunning and diverse environment & culture.

Wildlife in so many forms and sizes, hopping, flying & crawling in all the colours & sounds of the universe.

The Blue Mountains-Home.

One of the oldest lands on the planet & the only country to occupy an entire continent.

Funnily enough it happens to be also the most driest country on earth.

So funny that raincoat sales have boomed in the past few weeks.

The beginning of 2013 saw the entire state soaring into temperatures well into their forties. Hundreds of fires erupted and raged out of control as people feared for their lives & land.

This was until about two weeks ago when we where slammed & I mean slammed, like a winning slam dunk in the final game of the season.


One memory came to mind, at least this time I was not under a tarp in my tent for more than thirty hours non stop. This I have only experienced in Milford Sound of New Zealand where it seems to be a constant part of the climate.

Here although not very common.

The rain has been steady in its cause, leaving no stone unturned or dry for that fact.

Days in and days out, as more days have been spent in than out.


Thanks to the local BBC (Blackheath Bowling Club), now converted into a “top of the line” training facility.

This newfound discipline has been a steadily & large part of my climbing in the past months.


Before the weather turned for the different a few stunning and classic lines I managed to enjoy.

Such as:


“Staring at the Sea” 31/8b, photo: Josie Hofmann, belayer: Sophie Prior


“Garth’s Arete, Right Hand” V11/8a


Fingertips are itching for the feel of cool & sticky rock once more as the end of summer approaches.

With a vast sea of rock & other many opportunities to explore in this majestic place, one can only but ponder of which dreams to make into reality first.

I give thanks to all those around me and all those who believe & support this great cause of nature & man with the combination of raw power & grace.

May we spend many more days being inspired by the things which truly make us feel alive.

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