Land of the Roo & Mountains of the Blue

After long last my journey takes me back to the mountains of the blue in Australia.

A place I have long yearned to return to.
Here where I was schooled in the discipline of redpoint, crimping hard and much more.
I return once more with great excitement to spend much time in this stunning and exhilarating place.
So many world class routes in so many stunning locations, met only by great conditions so far.
After spending the past four months bouldering I realised that I needed to allow a little time to get used to route climbing once again.
Allas after two months I have managed to work through most of my tick list with much enjoyment.

Don’t Believe The Hype 31/8b


August 1914, 29/8a
Temptation 30/8a+
I carry on discovering many a inspiring new route to keep my mind & body challenged.
Cherishing every moment I get to spend in this wondrous place doing the things I love, with many a great folk.

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