Magic Wooo

It feels good to be in the Hood of the Magic Wood.

Nearly four months has passed since my first arrival at the end of winter snow of the Ferrera Valley.

Surrounded by white peaks, icy streams and snow covered world class granite boulders.

And not a soul in sight…

My first trips into the majestic wood did not take me much farther than the smooth and weather protected lines of the river block “Bruno” as the icy and steep approach made it almost impossible and rather hazardous to head further up into the unknown.

Zero degrees and snow gently falling above, much of my first month was spend chilling sipping steaming tea and trying the moves of the unique “Never Ending Story”. Both a level of difficulty and style new to me, but one of much teaching and enjoyment. For those new to this line, it can be done in two parts, Part One V12/8a+, Part Two V11/8a, the entire link first done by none other but the legendary Chris Sharma many a year ago at V14/8b+.

Allas the inevitable happened and the snow which now came and went every other day became less and less and allowed more a reasonable access to the boulders yonder.

So keen like a…. I headed off into the fields of joy, and much I had there indeed, scrambling up, down and along some of the best lines in the world.

Another month passed and I managed the two halves of the “Never Ending Story” within about twenty minutes of each other, wow, perhaps the whole line is possible….

After yet another month and repeating both parts of this line within minutes of each other and each part at least thirty plus times I was only stopped by the first move of part two, arriving a little tired after 10 powerful moves, this move fresh or not always seemed super hard, not the case for many a few inches taller……

Yet I am content and humbled for the teachings I received in this most Majestic place and believe relevance and balance have been perfectly maintained through my practice.

I also worked for a month, got a nasty cold for a week afterwards, both which reduced my performance but where necessary as it seems, as part of the circle of life.

Here I had the chance to improve my filming and editing skills and decided to make a short film about Magic Wood.

Especially for those who have not had a chance (yet) to spend some inspirational time here, and for those who have.

Just to give a little idea and different perspective on some of the old and some of the new classics. Along with some other exciting and interesting recordings of special interest.

Here you can watch “A Magic Calling”

And for more photo’s “PhatPrictionPhotography”

Thanks all for reading.

“May your inspiration be only limited by your imagination”



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