Magic Wood

Where have I been, what have I been doing?
Relevant, perhaps.
Where am I now and what am I doing?
Perhaps more relevant.
“Magic Wood”, the name says it all.
Arriving keener than a French Bagel on my wife’s plate, I had to endure the first weeks with the company of rather a little more snow than was expected.
It was the should’a brought the downie kinda weather.
None the less climbing was still possible and the weather grew finer as the weeks went on.
Bouldering to be specific, on finely carved grey spotted Granite.
The kind you would serve up with your grandmas best cutlery.
After spending time in other bouldering ares of Switzerland over Winter I was sure not be disappointed by the likes of a little Magic Wood, or a lot…
So practicing moves of power. Power to gain power to make power to use power, this is something I have keen spending more time with in the last year and has sure been beneficial to my overall climbing.
Humbled by this majestic place I continue on the search of personal development.
Time to concentrate also on more specifics, like speeding up the body’s recovery time, suppleness and the reduction of injury potential through Yoga.
Also capturing some great video footage and turning it into something worthwhile for others to enjoy and captivate their imagination.
See for yourself in Video’s and stay tuned for more…

 sending “Sideways” 7c+/V10 second go

.The “Never Ending Story” Part I 8a+/V12

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