Winter Bouldering

After spending around six weeks climbing only indoors around southern germanys top indoor climbing gyms I was eagerly ready to get some outdoor climbing done once more.
Now, finally a little crisper and dryer, the rock was calling louder than ever.
Charged with motivation, new bouldering buddy’s and crashpads we visited some of Europe’s historic bouldering areas in Ticino Switzerland, which where made famous by the likes of Fed Nicole and Dave Graham.
We found countless grey and black granite boulders of all angles and sizes as far as the eye could see. I certainly was very impressed and inspired by the sheer amount on offer.

The Real Shield V9
Keen and ready like kids fresh outta play school we set to work.
Like fine cheeses, we sampled many of the best blocks on offer.
Three trips all up with a total of ten days spent on these majestic boulders,
barely scratching the tip of the iceberg.
The last trip saw us battling the coldest temperatures yet. With daytime temps as low as minus seven, seriously frikking cold as it was almost too cold to stay warm and actually boulder. All up though it was bearable as it got a bit warmer which in turn melted the snow and turned many boulders into waterfalls. Despite this we managed to send some very cool problems with many more to come back for in the future.
Check out the Switzerland bouldering video to get an idea of the area.

Perko on the Rocks V10
During the last month I also checked out a few sandstone blocks closer to home which offered some good lines, see Perko Video.
So now with warmer weather hopefully hanging around and not too much rain to come, back to the Frankenjura we go…..

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