White Winter

So here we are.
Some might say there are many a better climates to be.
The south of Germany for Winter.
Living and enjoying the company of family long not seen.
Learning more to the trade of building,
for a sustainable future in the use of only the most natural of products.
Making use of many of Germany’s top indoor climbing facility’s
as the seasons of change are taking place.
Once winter is set in full and proper and days of sun may follow,
good outdoor climbing we shall seek to further nourish our souls.
Till then plans shall be hatched and training undertaken both physically and
mentally so we may unleash our body’s and mind’s once more.
In my spare time I put together some videos from the past years climbing, find these on the right of the page…..enjoy.
Happy 2012 to all, good spirits, much health and lotsa fun & fortune.
View from home


Lounge-room activities

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